Improvement and Beautification Project 2020

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Purpose World Church has plans for improving and beautifying our church! While we hope to be able to do all these, there are those that will take higher priority over others.

Find out what these are and how you can help!

Gated FenceGated Fence

Estimated Cost: $1,000

Building a fence with a gate would help beautify the property by hiding the area where the trash bins are kept.

Concrete AdditionConcrete Addition

Estimated Cost: $2,000

The addition of a 20 x 25 ft concrete slap would make it easier to house the storage unit and trailer. It would also be nice for outdoor church events.

Storage ContainerStorage Container

Rent: $2,940
Estimated Cost to Own: $2,000

We are currently renting storage to house church items and supplies. Buying our own unit would actually be cheaper than our annual rent.

Baptismal PoolBaptismal Pool

Estimated Cost: $3,000

Oh what a blessing it would be to have our own baptismal pool! To be able to serve our new members more frequently.

Two-Stall BathroomTwo-Stall Bathroom

Estimated Cost: $15,000

Tired of waiting in line? The addition of a two-stall bathroom would be more comfortable for the women. The additional stall would be equipped to accommodate a wheelchair.

The Pledge Program

Purpose World Church needs to raise a total of $23,000. We will be having two six-month campaigns for $11,500 each. At 26 weeks, that comes out to $443 per week, or $63 a day.

PWC has an estimated membership of 75 adults, and if each person will pledge to give, that would equate to $6 a week or just $0.85 per day!

Less Than…

Daily ($.85)

• An item on the dollar menu at a fast food restaurant
• A soda
• A vending machine item

Weekly ($6)

• A fast food meal
• Going to a movie
• A couple of smoothies/coffees

Download Goal Hierarchy Chart

We hope that you prayerfully consider pledging to our Improvement and Beautification Project for 2020.