A Charge to Keep I Have

August 11, 2021
Digesting the Word

Luke 5:1-8

Dr. LaShun

Confession vs Profession

Luke 5 begins with Jesus entering the boat of Simon Peter.
After ministering to a crowd of people, Jesus instructs Simon to go out into the
deep and cast his net. Now the fisherman had fished all night to no avail.
Nevertheless, Simon did as Jesus said. As a result, they caught enough fish to
fill two boats. After witnessing the miracle, Simon confessed his unworthiness
due to his unbelief. Jesus then told him that he would from that point on he
would be a fisher of men.

As Christians, we need to understand the difference between
confession and profession. Profession is an act of declaring that one has a
particular feeling or quality, especially when this is not the case. Confession
is an actual statement of admission. You’ve heard the saying, “Easier said
than done.” Well, that’s how many people view faith. They speak of or
“profess” their faith but they don’t confess their faith or put it into action.
And even those who know about professing the right words, profess (speak), but
they don’t confess (change of heart and mind). Profession is mere talking. Confession
is more than that. It leads to obedience, and a practical commitment in action.
It’s no different than when we tell people of our profession–what we do every
day, versus living out the confession of our faith, letting people see our good
works and glorifying God. So, let’s move past profession, take up our charge,
and confess the good news of Jesus Christ.

Dr. LaShun