Meet the Pastor

Day 11 Pastor Notes: Pray for Unity and peace - When we are one with Christ, we can allow peace to abide.  The spirit of God gives peace and unity, and we are to cultivate it.  Read More
Day 10 Pastor Notes: What Shall Separate Us From the Love of God? - Put your trust in the one that is in all, knows all, and will never change. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Read More
Day 9 Pastor Notes: Pray for Stewardship Over Our Emotions - We must examine the motives as well as the root of what we feel.  Are you led by the Spirit of God or your emotions? Read More
Day 8 Pastor Notes: Pray That You Will Still Be Convincing in the Midst of Confusion - God is still performing miracles.  There may have been times in your life when you were in some impossible situations, “BUT GOD” made a way out of no way. Read More
Day 7 Pastor Notes: Pray for Boldness and Steadfastness in the Midst of Controversy - Sometimes we can get so caught up in tradition that we miss opportunities for God to be glorified. We can sometimes be our own enemy. Read More
Day 6 Pastor Notes: Pray to Remove the Spirit of Condemnation for a Heart of Forgiveness - We do not get a pass to sin freely. We may make mistakes sometimes. Therefore, repent and change your behavior. Read More
Day 5 Pastor Notes: Many are Called But Few are Chosen - Our desire to be anointed cannot stem from selfish motives and taking glory for ourselves, but from a pure heart to give of yourself to the Lord and others. Read More
Day 4 Pastor Notes: Confidence Fosters a Firm Foundation. Pray for Confidence. - Keep trusting God with confidence and he will bless every time in all that He wills for your life.  It’s already done! Shout Hallelujah! Read More
Day 3 Pastor Notes: We Must Have Compassion for the Disabled and Poor - Compassion allows us to feel empathy and pity which fosters forgiveness, being able to set aside feelings of anger and disappointment.  Read More
Day 2 Pastor Notes: We Must Have Courage During Times of Controversy - Jesus knew what He was facing, the cross experience that would lead to His death. He knew why He was born and He kept that purpose in mind Read More