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Plates on a Pedestal

Full-Service Events Planning | Catering and Decorating | Weddings | Dinner Parties | Corporate Events

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Butterfly Kisses – Sweet Treats

Cake Flavors: Yellow | White | Lemon | Chocolate | Red Velvet | CArrot | Key Lime | Strawbetty | Birthday Cake | Cheesecake | Banana Pudding | Strawberry Shortcake | Fruit Parfait | Choloate Moouse

Prices are non-negotiable and subject to change. A 50% deposit is due when orders are placed of $100 or more. All treats are sold by the dozen.

Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt. If not, order will be cancelled. NO REFUNDS.

Pricing Chart

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RT3 Enterprises

Production Company

Versatile Solutions | Engineered for Excellence | Convenience at Your Fingertips

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Semper Filmz

Video Production Agency
High-Quality Production | Crafting Compelling Stories | Creative Editing and Post-Production

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Fleur De Lis Speaks

Speaker | Author | Humanitarian
Inspiring women to prioritize peace, boundaries, and emotional well-being in their lives and relationships

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Cut N Care Lawn Services

Lawn Maintenance | Weed Control | Lawn Disease Care | Aeration | Hardscape Installation | Mulch and Pinestraw | Tree Pruning | Decorative Plant and Flowers Installation | Landscape Lighting

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Destiny Events, LLC

Cake, Catering Entertainment | Event Coordination, Florals, Decor | Photography, Videography, Venue

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Stewart & Sons Transportation

Domestic | Hot Shot Shipping

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HIs AhMayesIng Grace LLC

Education, Support, Resources, and Respite to Unpaid Caregivers

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TaylorMade Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing | Branding Strategy | SEO Campaigns | Mobile Application

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LDR Print Solutions

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Avon Beauty Collection

Avon Product Sales | Request a Brochure | Request Samples | Assist in becoming an Avon Rep | Beauty Consultations | Skincare Recommendations | Makeup Tutorials and Application Tips | Gift Giving Advice and Customized Gift Baskets

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Smoking Cade BBQ

Smoker Rental Services | Homemade Local BBQ Sauce | Catering Services | Custom BBQ SWAG