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We are excited to announce the revamped Women's Ministry at Purpose World Church. We invite you to answer a few quick questions to learn your needs and expectations for this ministry. We have great events planned which will be fun and supportive to all women of all ages. Tell us what you want to see and help us grow as a diverse team of awesome women willing and ready to serve.

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PWC Women’s Ministry provides opportunities for women to pursue and share in the Great Commission Christ gave His church. Through service to others, support from other Christian women and through important social contact, women’s ministry enables women to establish and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, develop in godly maturity and share the message of Jesus Christ with the world. Women’s ministry arises out of scripture. Paul encouraged women to teach, nurture and help each other become mature Christians. (Titus 2:3-5). Women’s ministry provides an opportunity to get together as sisters in the Lord, where being a Christian is the common ground, with the goals of strengthening relationships with Jesus and with each other.

The framework of the women’s ministry is illustrated as follows:

Women's Ministry framework